Pork and Cheddar Flatbread Sandwich incorporates salty seared shredded pork with a delicious avocado sauce and melty cheddar!Pork and Cheddar Flatbread Sandwich- the perfectly satisfying salty shredded pork sandwich with a cheesy layer and spicy avocado sauce, no panera today! |wordslikehoneycomb.com

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Grilled Chicken with Balsamic Peach Bruschetta is a balsamic marinated chicken grilled to perfection and topped with a delicious blend of sweet seasonal peaches, loads of fresh tomatoes and packed with garden basil!grilled chicken with balsamic peach bruschetta is a blend of garden tomatoes, summer peaches, balsamic vinegar and basil ribbons atop grilled chicken|wordslikehoneycomb.com

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