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8 Healthy Recipes to Start the Year off Right

8 Healthy and Tasty Recipes to start the year off healthy and delicious.  Keep those healthy resolutions and still love what you eat with these 8 easy recipes.8 Healthy and tasty recipes to start the year off healthy and delicious. Keep those healthy resolutions and still love what you eat!|

Can we just get the stereotypical New Year’s talk out of the way? Cool. OH MY WORD how did the year go by so fast? It’s flying by quicker every year! What are your New Year’s resolutions this year? Nada here. What healthy habits are you going to create this month and forget next month? Trick question, you are going to stay dedicated allll year…you got this. Did you have about 864 cookies too many over Christmas? #nocaloriesonholidays Who care’s we get to wipe the slate clean 😀

With all the usual questions out of the way, let me just say I am not a New Year’s resolution person. I used to be, but then decided there was something about throwing the whole ‘resolution’ word in there that made it feel like an obligation/rule and seemed to feel like work. Translating to me not staying on track very long. Ever since, I pick a few goals that I want to work towards in the year, with my brand new pretty year slate to color all over and make the most of! It feels much less intimidating and makes it feel fun and achievable. Whatever helps you make 2017 better than 2016, make it happen!

I don’t think I am probably far off when I assume 90% of us have some type of health goal that we are striving for this year. This gal has some high cholesterol to focus on (thanks for passing that on, Daddy). My dad can’t actually be to blame, since it has been hereditary for a while, but I am quite resistant to taking any type of medicine on a daily basis, so I am fighting it regardless. I have until May (my annual check up) to get my numbers down, or I get to say hello to my first daily pill for the rest of my days. Twenty-nine is feeling kind of old these days!

With that being said, I hope you try out each healthy recipe to follow!  Each embraces flavor, health, veggies and deliciousness while sticking to those goals or resolutions! These recipes are a combination of Honeycomb recipes and a couple other blog friends that you MUST check out for 2017 deliciousness 🙂

Sausage, Kale and Pinto Bean SoupSausage, Kale & Pinto Bean Soup incorporates a few simple ingredients for a healthy cozy soup. Perfect for crusty bread & ready in only 30 minutes!|

Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

Be sure to check out Brita’s “Plantuary” series this month which will be loaded with incredible plant-based recipes, not to mention a ton of other mouth-watering choices!

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Hearty Garden Vegetable Farro Soup Recipe

This healthy recipe is the cooking genius of my favorite food scientist ever, Jessica, from!  If you aren’t following along with all the delicious food she posts weekly, you are missing out!


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Watermelon Radish Orange Salad with goat cheese and pistachios 

This healthy recipe is from the delightful Rhubarbarians Blog!  You will find this and many other tasty + creative dishes just like this one from Trish. 🙂

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Green Chicken Cheesy EnchiladasGreen Chicken Cheesy Enchiladas-the flavor packed easy enchiladas that pack in veggies and delicious mexican flavors in the comfort of your home. These are packed with protein and covered in a blanket of cheese, my husband LOVED these! |

Danish Split Pea Soup with dill

Recipe from Trish at the Rhubarbarians blog

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Spiced Crock Pot Cherry Pepper ChickenSpiced Crock Pot Cherry Pepper Chicken- an easy flavorful crock pot chicken to use in any recipe! Add this juicy chicken to tacos, sandwiches, enchiladas or whatever else you can imagine to save time all week! Kiss boring chicken goodbye! |

Simple Creamy Tomato BisqueSimple Creamy Tomato Bisque-simple and easy ingredients for a quick low calorie meal! Full of rich tomato and garlic flavors with undeniable creaminess and only takes 20 minutes! |

If you try this recipe, make sure you post a photo on the socials [Instagram|Twitter|Facebook|Pinterest] and use the hash tag #wordslikehoneycomb so we can see!  It’s my favorite to see your creations!

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