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Strawberries-Words Like HoneycombWelcome to our favorite day of the week!  It is HERE and I have lots of eye candy for you today to celebrate <3 It has been both a hectic and productive week and my snapchatfriends are also aware that I am FINALLY back on a workout routine.  Have you found it SUPER difficult to get on any type of fitness routine this year?  Please tell me I am not alone in this, because 2016 has kicked my butt in the area of unexpected busyness and a steady routine has been a struggle.  NO more excuses though!  We had some warm weather this week and it reminded me that the days of hiding in coats and heavy sweaters are soon to be a thing of the past (monkey) and this gal needs to get ‘shorts and tank top’ ready!

What fitness program are you following these days?

Fitness aside, we will be having a bunch of friends over from our small group at church this weekend and the food theme is Mexican,as if it could be something else in our home, and I have the feeling I will be craving my Monday Zumba class with my sister 0_0.  I will be snapchatting our fun if you would like to join in!  But without further delay, enjoy these Friday finds and make it a great weekend, friends!

DIY BeautyCotton-Candy-Sugar-Scrub-2-post

Cotton Candy Lip Scrub/Photo Credit: Sara from

This DIY sugar scrub from the adorable blog, Bitz n’ Giggles, is easy to make and such a creative take on a traditional lip scrub.  I am definitely keeping this in mind for my next DIY beauty gift basket <3 Check out Bitz n’ Giggles blog for more fun ideas!

Encouraging Post

12 Ways to Overcome Online Jealousy

This post, written by Lindsay from, was such an encouragement to me!  Although it is geared for the online blogging world, it is full of truth and relateable to anyone struggling with comparison, jealousy or just a lack of appreciating all the blessings they already have.  It is definitely worth a read!

Fashion Find

Target Green Utility Vest

Women’s Lightweight Utility Vest

I have been trying to find a vest just like this for months and months. I bought one a while back, wore it with everything, and then ruined it in the wash from a stray lipstick that also attacked a pile of our favorite vacation clothes :(.  It was completely destroyed and beyond saving, so when my sister-in-law sent me a photo of this one at Target, I ordered it online right away!  I am expecting it in my mailbox TODAY (hands raised)!

Gift IdeaGifts-In-A-Jar-22

Gifts in a Jar/ Photo Credit: Jillee, One Good Thing

I have seen this circulating around Pinterest for a while now, but I love it!  With wedding season right around the corner, it means bridal showers are upon us!  What a fun way to present a bride with some of the essentials she has on her registry and provide her with one more item she will use.  Every gal always needs another glass jar 🙂 Be sure to check out all the other awesome ideas Jillee has on her popular blog, One Good Thing!

House Inspiration

After our kitchen reno, I am fairly certain I have the reno bug and this blog hasn’t helped matters.  This adorable couple are complete experts at home reno and their site is totally captivating for anyone looking for some inspiration for their own home.  They now even have a “Shop our House” page where you can incorporate any of the items in their home, as well as paint colors, for your own space.  If nothing else…tons of pretty photos.  Prepare to lose an hour of your day getting lost in all the Reno fun (heart eyes).

Restaurant Travela98481_restaurant_3-mine-craft














10 Most Amazing & Exotic Restaurants /Photo{Grace Murano}

These are so unique and incredible!  Although I would certainly love to visit any of them, 1# would definitely be my favorite, with #2 as a close second!  Which would be your favorite?


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