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Burrito Bowl Basics

Burrito Bowl Basics main

Happy Wednesday!!

Just a quick little 101 for you today on my favorite- Burrito Bowls!

Yes. I know.  They are EVERYWHERE.  But there are SO many recipes out there…so how do you know which ones you will love?!

Look no further, friends.  I have a no-recipe recipe for you today 🙂 Nope, not a typo.

I present you with the basics of burrito bowls to show you that you could have this bowl of color in no time with mostly ingredients you already have!

Tell Chipotle they can’t have your $10 today and make that beauty at home…and I bet you don’t charge extra for guacamole in your kitchen.

Sweet.  We’re Guac twins 😉

Get out that thinking cap, sharpen those pencils…err charge your iPads…whatever kids do these days…and prepare for your lesson on:

Burrito Bowl Basics

Burrito Bowl Grains


First, you want to choose what type of foundation you want for this burrito bowl.  A few options we like around here are quinoa, rice and lentils!  Yes, I realize lentils aren’t a grain, but that little tiny bean offers a ton of nutrition and with its very mild flavor, serves as an awesome background for all the flavorful toppings to come.  It also reminds us that you don’t have to stick with the usual -rice- make your burrito bowl YOU and put whatever you want in there!

Burrito Bowl Proteins

2. Proteins

The go-to for burrito bowls is normally chicken or steak and on occasion, pork.  These are a great option but sometimes…(translate all the time) I don’t want to cook any meat.  It’s that extra step that just has me thinking…’do I HAVE to?’  NOPE!  This is when my favorite legumes make their debut!  Black, kidney, or pinto beans offer a great alternative to the traditional meat.  I often roast chick peas for that ‘meaty’ addition!

Burrito Bowl Toppings

3. Toppings

This is where things get exciting!  The options are endless but a few of my favorites are sauteed peppers and onions, grape tomatoes, bacon bits, roasted corn and avocado.  Burrito bowls are great for emptying out your veggie drawer so get creative and throw it all in there!  At the risk of turning this into a salad…we also add Spinach!  But don’t let that scare you…’getting your greens in’ can happen at another meal 😉

Burrito Bowl Sauces

4. Sauce

Perhaps the most important of all is SAUUUUUCE.  You can make or BREAK a burrito bowl by the sauce.  Yes, its that important.  Here are a few suggestions to keep you on the right track!

I used Cilantro Cheese sauce on the burrito bowl pictured…because…I am finding uses for the 2nd 3rd batch -_-


But don’t, because I love being drowned in Cilantro Cheese sauce…it has something green in it.  Healthy.


Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to a faaantastic burrito bowl courtesy of you. 

What is your idea of the perfect burrito bowl?

Burrito Bowl Basics close up

Burrito Bowl Basics



If you try this recipe, make sure you post a photo on the socials [Instagram|Twitter|Facebook|Pinterest] and use the hash tag #wordslikehoneycomb so we can see!  It’s my favorite to see your creations! ?

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