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Crispy Baked Salmon w/ Herb Sauce

Fish scares me. I mean…not Nemo…I LOVE him. But the not cute fish who have no relation to Nemo and can be found in your local grocery store in plastic wrap. You see, we didn’t really grow up eating fish regularly. The occasional fried tilapia […]

BEST EVER Cheesy Chicken Panini

BEST EVER Cheesy Chicken Panini

THIS SANDWICH. Panini…whatever you want to call…it is THE BEST sandwich I have eaten-ever. Bold statement? I know. But I stand behind it COMPLETELY, and you will too! I don’t often get this excited about a sandwich, but HELLO when it tastes like this how […]

Sunshine Tropical Smoothie

Sunshine Tropical Smoothie

I am NOT a morning person. I would muuuch rather stay up late and do a million billion things than get up early and do them. Alas, my job has forced me to wake up before the rooster and prance around like a morning person […]

Roasted Potatoes & Turkey Sausage Skillet

Colorful meal alert! Get used to it folks, because it is happening as much as possible! I actually smiled when taking the photos for this yummy skillet. I laughed at myself when I realized I was, but it is just so peeerrrty! This heavenly skillet […]

What Happens In Vegas…

…certainly doesn’t stay in Vegas because its all here on the blog to share with you today! Yep!  We went to Vegas and loved it.  We probably aren’t your usual Vegas tourist since we don’t drink, gamble or smoke (LOL) but we were left with […]

Mediterranean Hummus Burgers

Let’s chat. Burgers ALLL-WAYS sound like a good idea to me. It doesn’t matter how often I have had them, there is something about meat between a fluffy buns with ALL the toppings. We don’t have to discuss my love of toppings again…I know. Y’all […]

Sweet n’ Salty Roasted Salad

Ohhhh Wednesday. How in the world did you already arrive?? Summer weeks just seem to fly by faster and faster every year. Why?! Slooooowwwww doooowwwn. Other than these afternoons speeding by, the summer heat can NOT be denied right now. Glorious and sunny as it […]

15-Minute Party Corn

15-Minute Party Corn

Ahhh summer…the beaches…the sunny afternoons…the pool with your pretty fruity little drink. Such a paradise and beautiful season to get all tan in the sunshine and get that skin glowing! Or you could be me. And live in this sad indoors world of pale/ghostly/fair skinned […]

Toasted Mediterranean Avocado Hummus

So I was lying in bed super late the other night (read: 10:30…that’s late right?), not counting sheep, not daydreaming and not planning our next vacation. Nope. That is what normal people do. I, on the other hand, was dreaming up Toasted Mediterranean Avocado Hummus. […]

Summer Caprese Flat bread w/ Balsamic Reduction

As I mentioned previously, Basil is tied for first in my Favorite Herb Ranking and it will probably be remaining there.   I need it to be inside of, or on, 95% of my summer meals (that’s a real stat guys). As you may have guessed, […]