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South Beach Miami Adventures Part 1

I am baaaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!South Beach Miami |

I missed you guys!  Did you miss me?! (dont answer that)

Well, as promised we have LOADS of pictures to show you, and so many that I felt the need for a 2 part-er since I can’t show you 389874 pictures of palm trees and waves in one post.South Beach Miami |

Not to mention, its probably rude even showing these pictures when some of you are covered in scarves and coats and will most definitely hate me after this tropical paradise of a post.

Buuuut I love pictures and showing them 😀  So….I guess I am taking that risk!

(Forgive?)South Beach Miami |

We stayed at a cute little condo on the picturesque Ocean Drive, aka all the art deco vibe <3 and the sand we could smell the salty air as soon as we arrived!   We were too early to check in and hangry levels were rising so we stopped at the first outdoor cafe we came to.

South Beach Miami |

We ordered the best looking items that were less than I would pay for a weeks’ worth of groceries and, not having tasted the local water, decided on a bottle of water that the waiter quickly brought to our table.  Best $9 bottle of water I have tasted 0_0.  We weren’t in Kansas anymore folks. (disclaimer: I have never been to Kansas.)  I kindly told my husband to stuff the bottle in his backpack because there was no way we were paying $9 for water and not getting the cool bottle out of the deal.

Up and down the drive there is a hotel restaurant and cafe trying to pull you in with their savory plates and ‘happy hour’ specials.  I am completely serious when I say they invited me to their ‘happy hour’ at every single time of day we passed by over the course of the week.  I had no idea Miami was happy 24/7. PROOF.South Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami |

After our marginal most-expensive-lunch-of-my-life, we followed our noses to the beach for some sand therapy and wave relaxation.  In which I forced Steven to be my model and took far too many pictures of waves.  Seriously, you are going to think there are a lot, but you don’t even want to know how many I spared you from (63).South Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami |
Although Steven reassured me many times that the water was warm, I felt the water was a bit BRISK for all the hoopla about Miami beach and forget about adapting to the water once the sun goes down.  IT AINT HAPPENIN.
The waves were quite intense our first day there; but on our last day the ocean looked JUST like a pool.  I had never seen anything like it!  There were literally zero waves and everyone was standing around in the clear water as if in a pool except no one had to worry about stepping on pool toys at the bottom of the pool.South Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami |
South Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comOne of our days we rented that lovely sportiness right there.  I fell in love and that car is most definitely not an option in for realz lifes.
But it made a killer cruising car and we took full advantage of our unlimited mileage by heading off the island of Miami beach over to this incredible place called Coral Gables.  We stumbled upon it on the way to our adventures and it definitely made my list of places to live when I am a millionaire.

Because that is a real thing.

And it is a long list.

Feel special, Coral Gables, feel very special.South Beach Miami |
Coral Gables was basically the land of trees.  Every gorgeous street had an umbrella of natural shade and beautifully lined with stunning homes and iron gates.  Even their stores were beautiful!  Like, I really took a picture of their Ross, guys. Prettiest Ross ever.South Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami |
It was a Tuesday and these many lovely paths lead us to the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.  It looked completely magical online and the entrance made me even more anxious to get inside!  All these pictures are from the outside of the museum, since they were closed on Tuesdays 0_0.South Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami |
Is it me or is Tuesday the most random day to close a museum?!  I insisted we go as far in as the property would let us, because the main gate was open.  And then we reached the guard which said: “The museum is closed.”  No joke, Mr. Guard.  And they may just be charging too much for the museum admission if they can afford paying a guard to say ‘The museum is closed’ on Tuesdays.
Disappointed (<–I was disappointed, I don’t know that I can speak for Steven), we drove away and I began the search for our next activity.  Not far from the museum was a lovely public pool area called the Venetian Pool.  Never having been overseas to the actual Venetian, I was quite excited.South Beach Miami | South Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami |

I can’t believe this gorgeous pool was a ‘community pool’!  Quite different from the community pool I grew up with, HA!  We were able to come back to the pool and swim a few days later and our favorite part was the waterfall.  You could actually sit on the ledge underneath the waterfall with the water out in front of you.  Such a unique experience!
Come back tomorrow for Pirate Duck adventures, scooter happenings and the lights I wanted to pack in my suitcase to take home.

Part 2 folks.

Bring your coffee. My stories are better with caffeine.

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