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South Beach Miami Adventures Part 2

South Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comYou’re back??!

I mean, of course I’m not surprised or anything…I know you have nothing better to do than look at my vacation photos ?.South Beach Miami Adventures |


Grab your coffee folks, we are about to go on a bus adventure that turns into a boat adventure. YES. You read that correctly. Steven discovered this little tour called the Pirate Duck Tours and said the bus went around Miami and then took you in the water. I questioned him multiple times, but he assured me the vehicle actually went in the water and the tickets were the right price, so he snagged them and told me it would be fun.South Beach Miami Adventures |

I was certainly skeptical. I am not a tour kinda girl. I just think about being forced to hang with a bunch of sweaty loud strangers in an over-filled vehicle with a monotone nerdy person rattling off facts for hours on end. NOT my happy place, people!South Beach Miami Adventures |

We walked to the Bus/Boat (to be known as BB from here on out because I am too lazy to type that 50 more times) thing and found our spot. Points for Pirate Duck Tours for having separate seats on our BB for everyone instead of a hideous bench where my arm is touching a stranger (looking at you Six Flags?). Our BB was greeted by Pirate Dee Dee and, guys, she was hilarious. SUCH a pleasant surprise! This woman actually seemed to love her job and was genuinely funny and knowledgeable! She even had background music for each part of the tour! I mean, is there a Disney in Miami? Because I am pretty sure that ride had to be part of it. Many of the photos below were taken while on the tour! It allowed for a great angle but not the best stability for my untrained photo arm. (<- that’s a real thing)South Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami Adventures |

Forgive the fuzzy, friends.


Ahem.South Beach Miami Adventures |

This is the first picture I took after our BB DROVE into the water…how did I completely not know this was a possibility? But our BB was a champ and didn’t drown one of us!South Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami Adventures |

Um. This was some really famous person’s house on Star Island. I think it was Gloria Estefan. I am really out of touch with the celebrity world.South Beach Miami Adventures |

Check out that sunset!! Even Pirate Dee Dee stopped to take a selfie with the sunset ??South Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami Adventures |

These are of Ocean Drive, where our condo was located!

If you are traveling to Miami anytime soon, I recommend taking the Pirate Duck Tours! So worth the money and I wish we had taken it earlier in our trip, so we could have further explored all the suggestions made by Pirate Dee Dee ?

If you are reading this, Pirate Dee Dee, umm you are THE best.South Beach Miami Adventures |

One day we also rented a scooter, which I loved and carried back 50 dollars’ worth of groceries on. I do apologize for not photographing that, because it was DEFINITELY a site to behold. We have also learned that plastic bags double as an awesome rope device. Just in case you needed to strap a case of soda to the back of your scooter, too.

We survive and conquer, ya’ll. Just ask us.  South Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comWe even survived that.

Yes, it is REAL. And it was not behind a cage in a zoo, that was like on the side of the road! Largest Iguana I have ever seen! I am not exaggerating when I say that guy was about 4ft from nose (snout?!) to the tip of his tail.South Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami Adventures |

This is my favorite little alley on South beach! It is called Espanola Way and twinkle lights hung from the trees and quant, yet pricey, restaurants lined the way. My lack of desire to pay $28 for a taco outweighed my need for ambiance. Sad story. Moving on…South Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami Adventures |

If you didn’t see it on Instagram, I experienced another first that I had been waiting to do for so long! SHAKE SHACK! I had heard about it so many times but we don’t have the chain anywhere near our home, so when we drove by one I insisted it was lunch! The fries were delicious, the hamburgers were so flavorful and juicy…and the chocolate shake…tasted like a glorified Wendy’s frosty. Sorry to offend, Shake Shack lovers, but we won’t be spending $5+ on a frosty anymore ??South Beach Miami Adventures |

Our last night we chose Rosa Mexicano, a Mexican restaurant located on the popular Lincoln Road Mall Strip, where there were hundreds of popular retailers and street performers! I would describe Rosa Mexicano as a modern chic restaurant that serves classic Mexican dishes with a modern twist. It was completely delicious and they even made their own corn tortillas. For you corn tortilla haters, these tasted nothing like the crap you can buy in the grocery store! And look at those lights! Although taking them home wasn’t an option, I definitely bored Steven for several minutes discussing a possible DIY option. I am pretty sure he is surprising me with his recreation for Christmas. (<- Now I can see if he actually reads my blog.)South Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami Adventures | wordslikehoneycomb.comSouth Beach Miami Adventures |

Miami was awesome you guys. Touristy, expensive and hot, but still awesome. Pretty sure that had a great deal to do with that guy though.?South Beach Miami Adventures |

(Photo Credit: Leigh + Becca Photography)

1 year of fun down and many more to go!

I promise you food on Friday…so come back ?✌✋?

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