Smoky Chicken Chili steams away in the crock pot all day and gives chili day a healthy twist by incorporating turmeric, sweet potatoes, quinoa and lean chicken into your new favorite chili! Skip the chicken and keep things meatless!Smoky Chicken Chili (vegetarian option) gives chili day a healthy twist with turmeric, sweet potatoes, quinoa and lean chicken into your new favorite chili!|wordslikehoneycomb.com

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30 Minute Turkey Vegetable Chili- a quick and easy 30 minute meal under 500 calories and total comfort-food level for a cozy dinner any night of the week! | wordslikehoneycomb.com

Too often I come home and just stare into the refrigerator.

Food blogger or not, 👉this girl👈 never be one to brag about her preparation skills because they are certainly lacking.

And Sunday after church is no time to try out all my kitchen gadgets with new-fangled ideas and inspiration from the Italian guru Giada. Nope, it is time to make something healthy-ish and quick that requires no more than a little chopping and pouring.

Somehow the inspiration just doesn’t seem to flow when I am HANGRY and Steven keeps peeking around the corner to see if I have made any progress towards something edible.

Perhaps it was the fall air making its way through our kitchen door screen or the 5th candle I had lit in the kitchen (I am way past obsessed), but the juices were flowing and I knew exactly what we were going to have today and it conveniently utilized all the ingredients we already had. SCORE.

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Mexican Chili Chowder- traditional mexican flavors with chili beans and cozy chowder texture

There is a battle going on in our home.

A Battle of Opinions that just so happens to center around that bowl of goodness right up there.

If I were to tell state that title again in our home, you would hear the same argument. BEEF STEW.

Steven: ‘This is the best beef stew I have had.’

Brittany: ‘Thanks Hun, I am glad you like it, but it is most definitely Mexican Chili Chowder…don’t you see the Cilantro?”

Steven: ‘Ha! Nope. It tastes just like beef stew.’

Brittany: -_-

Steven: ‘It’s really good…but it is beef stew.’

Brittany: ‘Well, that’s funny since there ISN'T ANY BEEF IN IT!’


We get a bit passionate about dinner titles and discussion wherever food is involved. We are happily married. But let the record show…this is DEFINITELY without-a-doubt Mexican Chili Chowder.

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