Peach and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt is a perfect summer time frozen blend with perfect sweetness that you will be craving for days...it's even healthy! 

Peach and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt- the summery sweet treat that takes less than 5 minutes to make and loads of natural sweetness |wordslikehoneycomb.com

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Chia Chocolate Pudding Parfaits-the healthy sweet snack that is easy to make ahead and perfect for breakfast or dessert!Chia Chocolate Pudding Parfaits-the healthy sweet snack that is easy to make ahead and perfect for breakfast or dessert!|wordslikehoneycomb.com

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Creamy Cranberry Cheese Spread –an easy real cranberry cream cheese spread that you can make ahead and serve your hungry Thanksgiving guests! This works perfectly with warm fresh bread or crackers or even with your turkey for an extra-indulgent treat! |wordslikehoneycomb.comDon’t you love being greeted with a big ole’ picture of THAT☝💕 Its my virtual hug to you and I hope it’s creamy promises convince you that it is worth one more last minute stop to the grocery store! ...continue reading "Creamy Cranberry Cheese Spread"

Salty Sweet Fall Trail Mix-a quick salty sweet snack with roasted Cajun squash seeds, cranberries, honey roasted peanuts, and chocolate chips. Keep it traditional or get that chocolate all melty in the mix! |wordslikehoneycomb.comSo, salty sweet.

How do you feel about it?

I think I might love it <3

Not that it would be shocking…since salty is amazing and who could deny chocolate, but the mix is sometimes scary for me. But the sun was shining through my kitchen window; I had my cozy slippers on I got a wild hair. <-- What does that mean, by the way? I mean, I googled it…and it’s freaky…but why did we start using it as an expression?! Oh, and I think it is ‘hare’ not ‘hair,’ which would actually make more sense with the google definition, but still leaves me wondering why I can use it as a phrase in relation to food.

Moving on…

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Crock Pot Pear and Cranberries Dessert- the perfect all naturally sweetened dessert topping for everything! Try on yogurt with some granola, toast, oatmeal or even ice cream!

Oh hi there sweet yumminess of caramelized everything 💚💛💙

I am speaking to the food…fyi..

Hi to ya’ll too 😉

And that up there is DELISH and leftovers are calling my name in the fridge. Because they taste good on…oh, everything.

Before we talk about their all-naturally sweetened selves with like 10% effort on your part and the other 90% by that good old crock pot…A story!

Gather ‘round friends. *pushes glasses up on nose*

A couple of weekends ago we hopped in the ole sedan and headed to the hills of Tennessee to partake in some big family celebrations. Not only was Steven’s grandma turning 80 years old, but she and her hubs’ were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Cute right?!

Steven and I had to take a second to think about the fact that two people could actually BE together that long…it is quite inspiring! We are still marriage babies (1 year almost here we come!) and seeing long time love stories like this are the best encouragement ever!

Hashtag honeymoonersforeva!

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