overnight oats and oatmeal with banana cinnamon dried fruit main


That is a picture of oatmeal.

Exciting, right?

I know I know…you are doubting my credibility on this blog right about now…like, really, Brittany?!

I get it. I don’t blame you…but don’t blame the little oaty guys because they are pretty darn precious in that little bowl, and you know it.

….and they only took 3 minutes to make.

You got it!

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Watermelon blueberry and banana cold drink

I know your Facebook feed has been flooded with First Day of School pictures and all types of squash are starting to arrive at your local grocery in the truck loads…and there may even be a little breeze in the air.


Let’s pretend it is in the middle of summer and I am providing you with a lovely natural watermelon drink that will refresh you while sitting by the pool, MMKAY?!

I know I know …I am so behind but I just couldn’t let this one go!

We are pretty much just water drinkers around the house since so many juices are filled with unmentionables and every form of sugar known and unknown to man…and we won’t even discuss the whole “2% real fruit juice” statement on ALL the containers… 0_0

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Sunshine Tropical Smoothie_Main

I am NOT a morning person.

I would muuuch rather stay up late and do a million billion things than get up early and do them. Alas, my job has forced me to wake up before the rooster and prance around like a morning person when it is still dark outside. #notcool

I have completely formulated the perfect morning routine to get ready in less than 15 minutes and look…presentable. But no matter how many minutes I whittle off my routine, breakfast SHALL NOT be skipped.

Or coffee…but anyway…

I am definitely a breakfast person and know what a difference it makes in my morning when I get those taste buds going! Smoothies have been my go-to for a while now. I haven’t found a better way to have a quick nutritious breakfast blend itself up for me while I make said coffee! Because…multitasking is key.

My usual smoothie blend is of the berry nature, but with all this hot Georgia weather, this girl is thinking ALL kinds of tropical things…thus Sunshine Tropical Smoothie was born!

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