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WARNING: If you don't find other people's family pictures fun and can't embrace slight stalker feelings by doing so then this post might not be for you.Virginia Retreat-the backyard bridge

We are gettin' all up in my Christmas trip business today because I love walking around taking pictures like I know what I am doing (I don't).

After a cozy Christmas Eve with our Georgia family we set out for Virginia on Christmas day.  And if anyone was wondering, there is ZERO traffic on Christmas day. #winning

Bear with me on the amount of landscape photos-I couldn't get enough!  We joke with my in-laws about their 'estate' because this place has a killer view, thus nicknamed the Virginia Retreat by yours truly.

Feast your eyes on that beauty, friends!
Virginia Retreat-winding pathVirginia Retreat- collage 1

Prepare yourself ladies.  Photos of the cutest niece in the world could cause your desire for babes to increase by like 354616569.Virginia Retreat- sweet laurel face

I did warn you.Virginia Retreat- Laurels ride

Maybe just one more <3Virginia Retreat- laurel and the bells

Birthday festivities and surprise things happened for the sweetest, most thoughtful almost 21 year old sister-in-law.Virginia Retreat- sisters with the princessVirginia Retreat- shelbys birthday celebration 1Virginia Retreat- daddys girl

Virginia Retreat- moxy pupHealthy life pretty much went out the window at Virginia Retreat, its a rule we followed religiously.

PROOF:Virginia Retreat- chewy bars Virginia Retreat- cookie bread and crackers

The official uniform for Virginia Retreat...we made an exception for the little cutie pie.  She basically can have anything she wants. End of story. (heart eyes)Virginia Retreat- the kids

Virginia Retreat- downtown lynchburg Virginia Retreat- lynchburg marketLynchburg, Virginia may have the best grilled cheese in America.Virginia Retreat- food truck

The cheese-love is obvious. Working on re-creation STAT.Virginia Retreat- lyndsays sammy

Boys will be boys and play with their toys.Virginia Retreat- playing with the new toyVirginia Retreat- boat and stream focus

Ahh! Just can't get over these views!  I am holding back, I promise.Virginia Retreat- quiet stream

We are getting back into a routine around here, so back to a more food-focused normal posting next week.  You know, if I can actually get some food in our refrigerator and an idea of what to do with it.  All the chocolate is clouding my healthy food blogger vision.

AAAAAAnd no one will be here Monday.  I actually have a few fun recipes in the  works, guys, so get excited!!Virginia Retreat- us



man of the hour laughter

As of late it seems that every time someone asks me how things are going my answer is always "busy" followed by a smile and some phrase about how 'things will slow down soon, though.'

But will they?

I think I keep telling myself that, but questioning in my heart if it will ever happen.

I love my life.  I really do and most of my "busy" is all wonderful things that bring joy to us and those around us.  We love time with friends and family, I love this lovely little spot where I connect with you all, my job is a blessing and a definite 'must' in the busy status.  Our church is always an encouragement and non-negotiable in life as well as different opportunities we have to help others.  And of course the daily obligations of life and keeping a home aren't something we can toss aside.

So if all of these things are good, how can I feel drained?

This brings me to a bible passage I continue to refer to during times I am overwhelmed and it brings me comfort: Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

If you aren't familiar with it, the passage speaks of there being a time for everything in life and one of my favorites is nestled in verse 4, " a time to laugh."

This weekend I decided some things would be put on the back burner.  All the laundry wouldn't get done and a couple dishes just may have to be left in the sink.  And, boy, was it just what I needed!

My 'superman' of a dad turned 59 this weekend and we celebrated with laughter, memories and one heck of a party thrown by my cutie of a sister!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves and hope all of you will remember to not get caught up in our busy lives!  Yes, sometimes we must put our noses to the grind and keep on' keepin' on.  But protect those few and precious times that nourish the soul and give you memories for a lifetime.

Give yourself "a time to laugh," my friends, because it is going to give you more energy than anything that you could mark of your list of things to do.

Oh, and hang with your Dad...I highly recommend them 🙂

steven and eric at the grill

airiss and brittanyphotographer granddaddybirthday fruit kabobssuperman dad list of eventssodasmen at the grillhoney puppysteven and brittany birthday selfieman of the hour dad birthdayking of the grill eric and airissman of the hour candle

happy birthday balloon