Mexican Tortilla Crock Pot Soup is the perfect festive twist to soup night that simmers in the crock pot all day and keeps things light and healthy. Add chicken or keep it vegetarian with a cheese quesadilla on the side!Mexican Tortilla Crock Pot Soup is the perfect festive twist to soup night that simmers in the crock pot all day and keeps things light and healthy.|

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Creamy Cheesy Chicken Casserole blends all your favorite Mexican flavors in a comforting casserole dish covered in cheese, all for under 400 calories!

Creamy Cheesy Chicken Casserole- a simple cozy casserole with real ingredients and easy steps for a healthy comfort food any night of the week! |

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Mexican Chili Chowder- traditional mexican flavors with chili beans and cozy chowder texture

There is a battle going on in our home.

A Battle of Opinions that just so happens to center around that bowl of goodness right up there.

If I were to tell state that title again in our home, you would hear the same argument. BEEF STEW.

Steven: ‘This is the best beef stew I have had.’

Brittany: ‘Thanks Hun, I am glad you like it, but it is most definitely Mexican Chili Chowder…don’t you see the Cilantro?”

Steven: ‘Ha! Nope. It tastes just like beef stew.’

Brittany: -_-

Steven: ‘It’s really good…but it is beef stew.’

Brittany: ‘Well, that’s funny since there ISN'T ANY BEEF IN IT!’


We get a bit passionate about dinner titles and discussion wherever food is involved. We are happily married. But let the record show…this is DEFINITELY without-a-doubt Mexican Chili Chowder.

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Spicy Cheesy Sneaky Quesadillas with cilantro and avocado main

So that…

Pretty much the best quesadilla that has come from my kitchen. And those are Steven’s words, not mine. This combo is spicy meets crunchy meets chewy in the best friendly way!

Spicy Cheesy Sneaky Quesadillas with cilantro and avocado-pepper and cilantro close up

We have the yellow peppers …again…(sorry, I’m obsessed) and their sweet wonderful crunch, sauteed with onions that create that warm delicious scent we have all come to love…and spicy smokey Tex-mex inspired tofu, topped with extra sharp cheddar (because…the BEST) and little salty bits of bacon all melted together between that lovely tortilla fold!

Oh…hey tofu…yes, I hoped you would read right over that word because I know you want to click that red x at the corner of your screen, but, since we are friends I know..KNOW…you will hear me out on this one.


Okay, now let’s have an honest discussion about tofu because I need you to walk away WANTING it because it makes these quesadillas! (Did you just say that in your mind like kae-su-dill-uz?...just wondering.)

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main chimichanga

I have been told there is no actual Mexican blood running through my veins, but I have always found that hard to believe. As far back as I can remember I loved every Mexican styled meal my mom ever made. In fact, there was a ‘Rio Bravo’ that was a favorite of my family’s and they had a Kid Coloring program where each child was given a sheet to color and send in. If chosen, ‘Rio Bravo’ would send a personalized letter to your house and give you a FREE MEAL. 0_0


Can you think of better motivation for a 10yr old!? I couldn’t. Because I entered EVERY time we went. And you know what? My sister and I actually won a couple of times! I can still remember standing in the dining room holding my Free Rio Bravo meal certificate in hand and smiling as my parents snapped a picture of that proud moment. Pretty sure their excitement mainly came from the ‘free’ part, but we will leave that alone.

Although the days of Color sheet contests are gone, (total discrimination on adults by the way…I can color with the best of them) and we now have to pay for our own food at restaurants—ah the injustice in the adult world—we find ourselves eating Mexican once a week or more. Often being the ‘more’.   Not at our local restaurant, but in our own kitchen where we also have free chips and salsa. SCORE.

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