Sausage Pizza Casserole brings all the delicious flavors of pizza night in the ease of a delicious casserole form for every other night of the week!  Sausage Pizza Casserole brings all the delicious flavors of pizza night in the ease of a delicious casserole form! Eat this "pizza" any night!|

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Meat Lovers Celebratory Gourmet Pizza- the type of pizza that makes Friday night, pizza night! 3 types of meats, veggies, sundried tomato pesto, two layers of cheese and the full celebratory factor. We may have finished the whole pizza in one setting… |wordslikehoneycomb.comYes.
That title is ridiculous, but this pizza is ridiculous levels of good. So-that’s all I got.
We do celebrations in our home. And when I say we do them, I mean we do them well and we do them often. You know those people that celebrate literally EVERY month of their first year of marriage, and post one too many photos on Facebook or Instagram, and annoy people with their over-display of affection? Those people are ridiculous.😑

And we are kinda those people. 🙈

We really try to keep it to ourselves y’all but when you marry your best friend it just kinda overflows and you just apologize to the public in general and head out to your next celebration of random days.
Forgive us. We know.
One such celebration [translation: multiple mini celebrations] happened this last weekend and a familiar inexpensive and unnamed, to keep what little credibility I have left intact, vice was calling our names. Being the foodie wife I am, I rose to the occasion to create a pizza worthy of celebration, no calorie spared. And I discovered…calories are GOOD. Add that to the list of things I wish I didn’t know.
I have created a new category on this blog listed ‘SPLURGE MEALS’ and this will be the first glorious recipe of its kind.
So let’s break down the goodness for you…

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Caramelized Salmon flatbread main image

I wish I could put this in your face right NOW.

Well, it sort of is in your face, but more like through the computer screen and into your MOUTH kinda thing, because it is that good.

multi peppers

I know how I was just talking about my fear of meat with no feet ->this post<- and how I have overcome that fear.  With this new confidence, I was dying to try our new favorite fish caramelized, because doesn't that word just make you smile?

You can admit it, trust me, I won't judge because I get goose bumps.

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