Buffalo Chicken Rainbow Bowl uses juicy buffalo chicken, colorful crunchy veggies, and a bit of feta and chipotle ranch to keep dinner bright and nutritious no matter what time of year!Buffalo Chicken Rainbow Bowl uses juicy buffalo chicken, colorful crunchy veggies, and a bit of feta and chipotle ranch for the perfect lunch or dinner!|wordslikehoneycomb.com

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Easy Bean and Veggie Quinoa Salad-a quick toss of the beans and veggies you have on hand with lettuce, quinoa and a perfect Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette. We love this salad for a quick pack-friendly lunch! |wordslikehoneycomb.comThat mouthful of a title is completely ridiculous but I just felt like I needed to be upfront about how much flavor and rainbowness was packed into this healthy delightful bowl. ...continue reading "Easy Bean and Veggie Quinoa Salad with Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette"


Creamy Feta Veggie Bites-the perfect veggie item to lighten up your Christmas spread! Clockin’ in well under a 100 calories a serving, they also make a great snack. Festive and Delicious, folks!|wordslikehoneycomb.comI have delightful little festive bites for you today!  And aside from being delightful they are quite exciting for your mouth and EASY.  I know you were all waiting for that word.

And of COURSE they are perfect for Christmas because...you know...red and green.  And let's be honest, if you are going to bring vegetables for Christmas, they better be cute and involve cheese.  Well, CHECK ✔and CHECK✔ because these bad boys are quite adorable and sandwiched with a spicy feta kick incorporating flavors of creamy tomato and basil.  They are totally bite-sized so you can grab like 53 while walking by the table quickly...no one will be the wiser! ...continue reading "Creamy Feta Veggie Bites"


Simple Creamy Tomato Bisque-simple and easy ingredients for a quick low calorie meal! Full of rich tomato and garlic flavors with undeniable creaminess and only takes 20 minutes! |wordslikehoneycomb.com

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30 Minute Turkey Vegetable Chili- a quick and easy 30 minute meal under 500 calories and total comfort-food level for a cozy dinner any night of the week! | wordslikehoneycomb.com

Too often I come home and just stare into the refrigerator.

Food blogger or not, 👉this girl👈 never be one to brag about her preparation skills because they are certainly lacking.

And Sunday after church is no time to try out all my kitchen gadgets with new-fangled ideas and inspiration from the Italian guru Giada. Nope, it is time to make something healthy-ish and quick that requires no more than a little chopping and pouring.

Somehow the inspiration just doesn’t seem to flow when I am HANGRY and Steven keeps peeking around the corner to see if I have made any progress towards something edible.

Perhaps it was the fall air making its way through our kitchen door screen or the 5th candle I had lit in the kitchen (I am way past obsessed), but the juices were flowing and I knew exactly what we were going to have today and it conveniently utilized all the ingredients we already had. SCORE.

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