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What Happens In Vegas…

Vegas Sign_downtown

…certainly doesn’t stay in Vegas because its all here on the blog to share with you today!

Yep!  We went to Vegas and loved it.  We probably aren’t your usual Vegas tourist since we don’t drink, gamble or smoke (LOL) but we were left with no shortage of fun in that happenin’ city!

We stayed at a place called SLS which is the new Sahara, for those of you that have been there.  We enjoyed the unique atmosphere and tried their Northside Cafe which was open 24/7 and, with finally arriving to our room at 2am, we were very grateful!

By the way, I’ll just slap my own hand since I don’t think I took but one or two pictures of our delicious food through out the week…bad…BAD food blogger…and both pictures were of……

Your forgiveness would be appreciated.  And while your in a forgiving mood…all these pictures were taken via phone, in the beating sun in 100 degree weather. 0_o  The quality…ehh…not the greatest, but I feel like you’re the type to see through that, and I thank YOU.  So without further ado.

Heeeere’s Vegas…..

Always need the pre-flight vacation selfie.

Vaca Selfie

My favorite hotel in Vegas is the Paris Hotel in which the ‘Eiffel Tower’ is emerging from the hotel!

Paris Las Vegas

Home to the BEST pizza we found…which we visited twice 0_0

La Pizza

For Him…Meat lovers!

Steven and the Pizza

And for her…good ole Supreme!

Pizza for her

We rented a convertible for the day!!! <3


Hoover Dam

Circus Circus was literally the MOST fun.  They had an entire theme park in the hotel as well as a ginormous arcade (which we totally killed about two hours in) and circus acts performed every 15 minutes!  It definitely brought the kid out in us!

Circus Circustheme park Circus CircusThere were flamingos at the Flamingo Hotel.  I know.  I was shocked too.

The Flamingo


Two things you should know about this picture.

1- We take pictures of each other when we wait on our pizza #lame

2-Yes. We are eating pizza for the third time in two days.


Moving on…

We walked TWO MILES so Steven could see the famous Pawn Stars.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s just a pawn shop -_-


Pawn Stars

Literally THE only place to eat during the two hour drive to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Diner

So…yeah definitely was NOT paying $70+ PER PERSON to get up close to the Grand Canyon.  But, pictures or it didn’t happen!  Therefore…I present the Grand Canyon, folks.  Just squint a little for me… Grand CanyonAaaand one more random convertible selfie because…I was a little pumped about it.
convertible selfie



Thaaaaanks for letting me throw my Vegas photo album at ya!!!  Not to worry though…yummy recipe coming your way on Friday!  Think color…and comfort…and grab your skillet!


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