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Words Like Honeycomb Survey 2015

field beautyI truly hope you had the most amazing Christmas with your loved ones, friends and all those you hold dear!  We are currently on location (<- always wanted to say that, but not sure what it means) with family in the chilly state of Virginia spending loads of time enjoying the cool climate change from our norm (read: shivering 98% of the time), having girly shopping trips, constant game activity, laughter and a whole lot of delicious food!  I can’t wait to share more with you of all the festivities and pictures (<-did you really think I wouldn’t?!) of all the fun!  Full updates are promised next week as we will be cherishing our family time and soaking up some much-needed relaxation? I hope you will as well!

But before I leave you…I wanted to share my thoughts on the New Year and a little survey that I SO hope you will take and completely make my YEAR. The survey will be up this week through the weekend, so I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to virtually have a coffee chat and let me know how you feel! pine tree branches

Don’t you just LOVE a new year?  I absolutely love the feeling of possibility in the New Year!  After I get over the fact that my favorite holidays have passed and take down all my little twinkle lights with slight feelings of depression ??, I approach the New Year with that familiar ‘fresh slate’ feeling that we all experience.

Time to get out the exercise equipment again, buy new workout clothes…obvi looking the part is crucial to success, clean that closet that has been staring at you for months, and filling that brand new SUPER cute planner you bought with all these lists of projects, ideas and plans you have for the New Year.

Yep!  I am right there with you ?  And unlike past years, for the first time I get to approach a New Year with this lovely little blog in mind!  I have completely loved the past 5 or so months that this blog has been live and I am bursting at the seams with ideas for the years to come, but it seems silly for me to be the only one involved in this.  After all, you guys, my awesome readers, are the ones that show up, read, recipe-save and comment.  It only makes sense to get you involved in the process, because if you guys are happy…IM HAPPY ??!

So here is your chance!  I have a quick survey for you of a few basic questions that I would LOVE for you to answer.  I want to do my best to provide you with content on this blog that you find valuable, useful and interesting.  Your answers will help me point this blog in the right direction for 2016 and bring you all the yummy and healthy food you love ?

Because I know you only have like 5minutes…this survey will take you less than 5 minutes and the last question is a free-for-all!  Tell me anything you would like!

Thank you in advance for caring enough to share with me?

I genuinely want this blog to be helpful for you and I care about you guys!



If you would like to share this survey with others, first of all…THANKS…and second, please use this link ? the field beauty



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